Deepika Jain

Homoeopathic Doctor & Clinical Researcher

Dr. Deepika Jain is a homoeopathic doctor, clinical researcher and a medical writer. She graduated from Indraprastha University, Delhi. Apart from her firm belief in the efficacy of homoeopathic medicine, she is inclined to spread health awareness and demystify health related myths through her writings. She strives to provide reliable health information through evidence-based medicine. Deepika is an animal lover who supports and promotes vegetarianism & is a member of Beauty Without Cruelty (BWC – an International Educational Charitable Trust for Animal Rights). She enjoys yoga, pranayam, reading, cooking healthy recipes, playing tennis and spending quality time with her husband & two kids.

Keytoperfecthealth is a one stop solution to your health queries, home remedies, natural skin care solutions, nutritional and lifestyle advice, homoeopathic treatment and more.

Healthy Lifestyle

Our bodies are meant to function in symphony with nature. The modern day diseases are an answer to our departure with nature. All we need is to revive age old connections with our traditional Indian ways of living a healthy lifestyle.

“Your body holds deep wisdom. Trust in it. Learn from it. Nourish it. Watch your life transform and be healthy.”
~Bella Bleue

Keytoperfecthealth is borne out of a deep down yearning to make genuine and untainted health information handy to all. Not every individual is same. Every human being is unique in terms of their mind, body and soul. What individualizes them is the way they think, their sensitivities, likes and dislikes and so on. Therefore, if one remedy suits one, it is not necessary it can be generalized for all. Just like every lock has a unique key that can unlock it, every diseased body has a unique (individualized) remedy that can cure it.

And That I believe, is the Key To YOUR Perfect Health!