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Home made Chyawanprash recipe

When it comes to list down the immunity boosting foods, Chyawanprash is the foremost because it is loaded with vitamin C rich Amla (Indian gooseberry) along with many other herbs such as ashwagandha (rich in anti-oxidants, memory and energy boosting), giloy (increases immunity), nagkesar (brain tonic), nagarmotha (brain tonic, eases digestion) and many more. I have given the list of Chyawanprash ingredients below. Keep reading!

Amla ki Launji

Amla ki launji recipe If there is one thing that is invariably always found in my refrigerator then that is ‘Amla’. I make sure that everyone in my family consumes at least one Amla daily. My preferred form to eat it is Amla ki launji. This way it is very easy to eat...

How to include Amla in your Daily Diet?

Amla is derived from the Sanskrit word ‘Amalaki’. It is called Indian gooseberry in English, Avala in Marathi, Nelli in Tamil, Usiri in Telugu, Betta nelli in Kannada and Amla in Bengali. Amla is rich in anti-oxidant content and has 20 times more vitamin C compared to...

Aloe Vera gel – How to make it at home?

Aloe Vera (Ghritkumari) revitalizes dry skin and adds life to lifeless skin. I have shared some of the most amazing benefits of Aloe Vera for skin and hair in my previous post. Here in this article I will be talking about how to prepare Aloe Vera gel at home. There is...